End of 3 years

The third year students have just finished their session at the end of June. Now they will prepare for the theoretical and practical shiatsu exams, which will take place at the beginning of September.

They expressed their gratitude, and expressed appreciation for everything they learned during these three years of study. They particularly enjoyed the experience in both hospitals with their patients. In the same way, these patients really appreciated the care that the students of Yoseido Shiatsu Academy gave them. The students were impressed by the gratitude that the patients showed. Kawada-sensei often says that shiatsu practice is a dialogue between the patient and his therapist, not only at the level of physical problems, but also at the level of human exchange. It creates a psychological and emotional link between them. Often the healing of the disease comes from a positive psychological change of the patient, and very often it is the therapist who brings him this positive change.

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