Role and function of the meridian of the triple heater

The triple warmer meridian has no matching organ unlike all other meridians. Even the meridian of the heart constrictor has a correspondence with the pericardial muscle of the heart. In a way, this meridian of triple warmer would be an invention of the sages of antiquity. They introduced it because they thought it was closely related to the temperature phenomenon. People of antiquity had observed that when the temperature rises, many foods begin to ferment. So they thought that inside the body there was a temperature control mechanism, which allows the digestion, assimilation and circulation of blood everywhere inside this body.

It can be said that this triple warmer meridian is divided into three foci: above, an upper focus, in the middle a middle focus, and below a lower focus. The upper focus is composed of two organs: the heart and the lungs. The middle focus is composed of the stomach and spleen-pancreas. And the lower focus is composed of the kidneys, liver, small intestine, large intestine and bladder. The upper focus is occupied by the energy Soki (宗 気), ie the energy that regulates our breathing and our heart rate. The middle focus is occupied by the Eiki (営 気) defensive energy to nourish our body.

The lower focus is occupied by the defensive energy Eiki (衛 気) to defend against all the bad energies that can destabilize our body. Number 17 of the conception vessel “Dantchiyu” (middle of the chest) can influence the Soki energy. Number 12 of the conception vessel “Tchiyukan” (middle of the stomach) influences the Eiki energy of the food. Number 6 of the conception vessel “Kikai” (middle of the stomach) influences our defensive energy. It should be noted that these three points also correspond to the area of ​​Chakras of Yoga.

The triple heater and gallbladder form a yang couple. They are very close around the ear and take care of the balance of our body, to stay in good posture and to react against all adversities both outside our body, and inside. The gallbladder is closely linked with the eyes, and the triple warmer with the ear. They help to visualize and distinguish dangerous noises from peaceful ringtones. We would be terribly handicapped by becoming deaf and blind. In a way, these two meridians protect our bodies from the dangers that our environment imposes on us.

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