Seminar on curious vessels

This seminar is aimed primarily at people who have completed the three years of training, at the Yoseido Shiatsu Academy, as well as those who have completed their training in other shiatsu schools. There are still many people who do not know of the existence of the 8 curious vessels. Compared to the 12 main meridians, known by many people, the 8 curious vessels remain more unrecognised, hidden by the main meridians. However, these 8 vessels have an extremely important function. They deal, among other things, with fertility, are directly related to our immune system and to all gynaecological aspects of women, including maternity. Many people think that the menstruation problem is managed by the spleen meridian through the point Saninko (union of the three yin meridians). It has a common route with the transversal vessel which is in the family of the 8 curious vessels.

By adding up all the points of the 12 meridians that are completed by the governing and conception vessels, we obtain 361 points. 360 points as the circumference, symbol of the movement of the heaven, and the number 1: the central point. The movement of the circle tells us about the dynamic interaction between the movements of Heaven and Earth.

People usually say that there are 14 meridians, yet the governing and conception vessels are part of the family of the 8 curious vessels, and without these 2 meridians, one cannot sum the 361 points.

The men of antiquity thought that the force of Heaven corresponded to the original movement of the source of life. Without the presence of Heaven, nothing moves. The activity of the energy of the Heaven finds its correspondent in the governing vessel, director of yang energy. On the other hand the elements of the Earth have their correspondence with the conception vessel.

At first, everything comes from heaven, it initiates everything. Having a good command and understanding of these two vessels is absolutely essential to be able to understand the totality of the movements of these 12 main meridians.

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