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Recently Kawada-sensei was contacted by Ariane Dandoy, a journalist for BioInfo, to write an article about shiatsu. We encourage you to read this wonderful article:

Santé / Thérapie manuelle

Kawada sensei also wrote a few words on the content of the article.

The view of Yoseido Shiatsu is that Earth is the true carer of all those who populate it. If it is polluted, even if someone has wonderful powers to transmit energy, in the long run it will not help sick people.

But Earth alone has no power to exert, without interaction with Water. Water is the alchemy of everything. It is Water that has the true transformative power over all materials.

But Water alone can not do its job without the help of Fire. Just as a woman alone can not make a child, it takes the force of Fire to be able to transform Water in all the different stages of the elements united on our Earth.

The Earth is composed of different elements, and it is Water that plays the indispensable role of transforming all these elements, and recycling the energy that we all need.

Finally, everything on Earth is just a recycling story. The same element is used to continually recycle its force. In other words, to give ourselves continually a vital force for the functioning of our existence. Our body, continuously, does this recycling of energy. For this, two organs are essential: the Liver and the Kidneys.

In order for the Liver to properly perform its essential recycling work, sleep is essential. Today, more and more people have a disturbed sleep because of the intervention of electric gadgets, and bad waves everywhere in our environment. Our liver can not do its job because we can not sleep deeply. It is therefore necessary to recharge our energy, to clean the toxins of the liver, by taking pure energy at the edge of the sea, or at the top of the mountains. Unfortunately, as our Water has already been polluted for some time, the sea and the mountains are also polluted. It is therefore absolutely necessary to start cleaning the water, to free it from all the products that pollute it.

Shiatsu alone can not do much if we do not have the help of a healthy environment. Organic food also depends on the good quality of the soil and water. Without this, she does not have a real food force. We are in an ecosystem where everything is interdependent. The people of antiquity had indicated it to us with the symbol of the circle, which is also that of Water.

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